Friday, February 26, 2010

The Cockroach Project

A few years back I was approached by Ruth Fertig, a film student at UT. She was doing a documentary on cockroaches and asked if she could speak with me; I jumped at the chance (we all know I'm a bit crazy for cockroaches). Her documentary, The Cockroach Project, was the end result. She sent a copy to me last year and as I was getting together information for my CV, it popped up on the radar. Apparently, it recently showed on the Documentary Channel (Dish Network). Here is a clip of the video:

Ruth has since graduated and moved to New York City where she continues to make documentaries.


vbdb said...

Now you've teased us, we want to see the entire documentary. Let's book a room and pop some popcorn!

Wizzie Brown said...

I have my copy on DVD, should I set up a screening?

Daphne Richards said...

Great clip! How cool that you were able to be involved in this project.