Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Apparently the local fire ants have decided to celebrate fire ant awareness week by attacking my child. He got stung on Monday twice by the little boogers. As soon as this rain is gone, it's on! Those fire ants will be going down when I bait my yard.

The boy of course was too busy transferring toys from the sandbox to his kiddie pool to really notice that he even got stung. Still, I know what those ants did. The gauntlet has been thrown. Fire ants- 1, Wizzie- 0 (for now....).


janetk said...

They picked the wrong person to mess with...

The Dirt on Soil said...

Hi Wizzie! I found your helpful blog indirectly from the Sustainable Food Center's announcement of the Travis County Master Gardener's lesson at the downtown farmer's market tomorrow. I look forward to hunting around in here.

I also have a blog- on soil (as a hydrologist), centered in ATX. Please come by and visit to contribute your expertise!!

LindaCTG said...

Yes. We weren't doing anything about them until we got big stings filling up the birdbath. I put out the spinosad bait and all is okay for the moment. Lots of ant mounds after the rain, but tame, native ants. I'm sorry about your boy.

Now, we've got wasps on the patio that are getting a little too mad in the heat. Need to get out blast hose, but haven't done it yet.
Won't poison; afraid that resident toads will go after downed wasps. Yowsers. We hate to kill anything, but when they endanger us, it sure puts a new spin on things.