Friday, September 27, 2013

The Girl Who Loves Bugs

Am I talking about me in the title?  I could be but in this case, I am not.  One of our Master Gardeners has a daughter who loves insects.  I've been out to speak to her class and she is always so eager to learn and had really great questions.  She has started a blog- The Girl Who Loves Bugs- about insects and it's AMAZING!  I encourage you to follow her blog....I guarantee that you'll learn something!

I think it's fantastic that she is taking a passion and turning it into a learning tool for others.  I wish that I was that ambitious when I was her age...instead I was busy throwing spiders at my brother.


LindaCTG said...

I LOVE this! I'll add her to the CTG blogroll and watch for future posts!

Bonnie said...

Wizzie, she is so excited. Put up a special post for you tonight.