Friday, March 28, 2014

A Lesson in IPM

Last weekend was a learning lesson for the boy.  When I went into his room after his nap, he told me that he had a bunch of ants on the other side of his bed.  He wasn't panicked, but just stating a fact.  I go look on the other side of his bed and discover a bunch of acrobats ants crawling on the floor, the windowsill and the wall.  I told the boy to come over and look at the ants.  He did.  I asked why he thought they may be all over the place.  He wasn't sure.  I asked if it could be because the location the ants were crawling around in was the same location he goes to hide and eat candy in his room.  He thought that I had made a good conclusion.  I informed him that there will be no more food (including candy) in his room.  We then got out the vacuum and sucked up the ants and food crumbs and then played pirates and policemen.

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