Friday, September 8, 2017

September 9, 2017- What I'm seeing

Insects that I've been getting the most questions on lately are:

1. MOSQUITOES- why are they so HUGE?!
These are floodwater mosquitoes and I'm going to direct you to some great articles that were recently released to provide with all the details.  Click HERE and HERE

2. Hackberry psyllids are back!
Have you been seeing tiny fly-like insects piling up on your windowsill?  If so, you may have hackberry psyllids.  These are pretty common around here in the late summer into fall.  You can see my previous post on them HERE.

3. Floating masses of fire ants- EEK!
If you are in an area that was affected by recent flooding events or you are going to volunteer/ clean up in an area, then please be aware that fire ants can float on flood waters and have possibly moved into new locations.  Take precaution when moving debris!  You can read more on this HERE

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