Thursday, May 21, 2009

Volunteers needed for spider survey!

I'm looking for volunteers to help with a spider survey. This is limited to those in the Austin area.

I want to compare spider diversity in various yards. You can use pesticides (synthetics or natural products) or no pesticides at all. If you usually don't use pesticides and need to for something that pops up, that's okay too as long as it's documented. I just want people doing what they normally do in their yard to put out cardboard strips to survey for spiders. You can do the survey in your veggie garden, your flower bed, a greenhouse, trees in your yard, etc.

I'll provide materials for you to use. You'll be responsible for putting out the items in your yard, collecting samples, documenting any pesticide use and getting samples to me or calling me so I can make arrangements to get the samples from you.

Right now, things are pretty fluid as to a timeline. Once I get enough volunteers lined up, I can nail things down further, but I hope to get started by the end of June and go through summer.

If you're interested in helping out, let me know!

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